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Flash Forward May 8th, 2014

Flash Forward
Remember when the best things in life were free? We’re sure there was a song written about that too. However, as with most things in life, if you want to do something reasonably exciting or interesting in your spare time, you’re going to have to folk out for the privilege.
Yet one of
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More players will force online slot jackpots through the roof January 26th, 2014

They say 2014 is all about online gaming as more and more casinos go to war with greater sign up deals and bonuses. This means new players and lots of them, so what else comes with new players. Firstly online casino membership rates will soar, wagering requirements will fall and most importantly online slot jackpots
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Free source code to 10 old Flash games December 18th, 2012

Over at Viral Flash Games, I’ve decided to give away the entire VFG1 games pack for free. These are older non-AS3 games, but there is still value in reskinning them, learning from them, re-using some of the assets or even porting them over to AS3.
I’m using the Pay With A Tweet system which means
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Viral Flash Games 2 Preview December 2nd, 2012

Earlier this week I announced that VFGII, the eagerly awaited sequal to Viral Flash Games, was coming soon. We I’m pleased to announce that the new games pack will launch this coming Wednesday, 5th December!
9 all-new games will be included, all coded in Actionscript 3, all with full source code! We’ve put together
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Get AS3 Source code to 9 great games November 28th, 2012

Over at Viral Flash Games we’re gearing up to launch an all new pack of 9 original AS3 games with full source code!  Following on from the hugely successful original VFG pack, the new games cover a wide spectrum or genres from racing, to shooting, puzzles, slots and more!  The pack even includes full source
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